MetaHelix Discount Code JORGE1

MetaHelix Discount Code JORGE1

If you are going to buy premium plan of MetaHelix you can use this code to get 0.5 SOL discount: JORGE1


As you should know, Meta Helix is a solution most NFT Projects needs. They provide useful tools that will help you to build your nft collection and DAO.

They have some free tools, but the most important are premium. This means you need to pay 5 SOL to get unlimited access. But do not worry, we are here to give you a discount price for this premium plan, you can use the code: JORGE1 and you will get 0.5 SOL discount, you will pay 4.5 SOL.



If you have doubts about using MetaHelix or any other solution, we are here to solve them. We will compare MetaHelix with their competitors and you will be 100% sure to choose MetaHelix.

The main competitors for Meta Helix are Matrica and Grape. They are good options, but not enough. Let’s check them:

Grape and Matrica provide the same “main” feature: Discord Holder Verification. This feature allows you to create a DAO or private chat just for a NFT Collections holders. This is a important point on all NFT Projects, so you should have it.

Grape cost depends on the moment, as you should buy their tokens, they are the most expensive option. Matrica have different plans (2 SOL and 3 SOL per month are the most used), the 2 SOL plan is ok, but do not have all features as 3 SOL per month plan.

Regarding this, you can see that MetaHelix, with a 5 SOL price (4.5 with this code: JORGE1) is a better option. It is cheaper and it have more tools. Also it has the holder verification with better results.


As we said the main tool and feature of MetaHelix is the Discord Holder verification, but it is not the only one.


  • Live Mint Announcer: With this tool you can Track your active Candy Machine addresses and send an announcement every time a new NFT was minted.
  • Sales Announcer: This feature allows you to Track your active Candy Machine addresses and send an announcement every time a new sale happened on any supported marketplace.
  • Listing Announcer: In this case you can Track your either Candy Machine addreses or selected marketplaces and send an announcement every time a new NFT has been listed.
  • Marketplace Total Volume Displayer: You can Aggregate the total volume of your listed NFT(s) on all selected marketplaces and display it.
  • Marketplace Floor Price Displayer: This displayer Aggregate the floor prices from all available marketplaces and displays it.
  • Wallet Balance Displayer: Allows you to Display a wallet’s current balance. Useful to transparently display a community-owned royalty wallet or DAO account balance.
  • Live Drop Date Countdown: Really useful tool that Display an up to date count down to a specified date. Due to the Discord API channel name update rate limit, intervals smaller than 5 minutes cannot be displayed.
  • Account Verification: The most importat one. This is the base Account Verification module, which enables every other Module that requires user verification such as Role Guard, Airdrops, Giveaways, DAO management, Royalty modules, and more
  • Role Guard: With this discord tool you can Assign user’s Discord role based on whether they own an NFT, and optionally it’s attributes. The Role Guard module requires users to be verified using the Account Verification module.
  • NFT Rarity: You can avoid using other platforms because this Allow users to query collection’s rarity data.

What is MetaHelix?

MetaHelix describes itself as: “MetaHelix is a platform that hosts a suite of Discord tools created specifically to support the needs of Solana NFT Discord servers. The platform has a growing list of modules, which are designed to manage, inform and drive engagement to your community.”

Also they have some “Unique Selling Proposition” which gives you the reasons to purchase their premium plan:

  1. Quick setup of the tool
  2. Competitive Pricing (4.5 SOL using this Discount Code: )
  3. Role assignment only for holders with minimum rarity values
  4. In Discord Rarity Checker
  5. Minimum Discord Server Permissions
  6. Secure Web-based Admin Panel
  7. Rarity Tables


Now you have all the information that you should know about MetaHelix. As you can see they are the best option and the right place to invest your funds.

If you have any doubt or you need something you can also open a ticket on their discord and their support will be there to help you, so highly recommended.

Remember to use this discount code to get a 10% Discount: JORGE1


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